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Setting Up Inside cPanel vs Nameserver Setup

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How Do I Setup Cloudflare Nameservers?

To properly setup Cloudflare you’ll need to integrate it with two locations: your cPanel and Nameserver.  When you begin your service with Cloudflare, they provide you with Nameserver entries to change with your domain registrar.  These will need to match for the service to function.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to change your Nameserver for Cloudflare:

  • Head to your domain registrar and log in
  • Find the domain you wish to attach Cloudflare too
  • Look for Nameserver tab or location in the domain to manage your DNS records
  • Change the Nameserver entries to match those Cloudflare provided

You can check through to see that your nameservers entries match the ones Cloudflare provided.

To setup Cloudflare with a domain registered at Hostwinds, please check out article How To Edit Nameservers At Hostwinds.

To setup Cloudflare with cPanel, please check out How To Setup And Configure Cloudflare In CPanel.

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