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How to Setup DNS in ZPanel

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How do I Setup DNS in ZPanel?

Follow these instructions to setup DNS in ZPanel.

  1. Login to ZPanel
  2. Click on the DNS Manager gridded globe icon in the Domain Management area


Showing the DNS Manager location in Zpanel


  1. Using the drop down box, find the applicable domain and click Edit


Showing the Manage Domains Edit button in ZPanel


  1. Select the type of record you’d like to add or edit, the following record types are available:
    1. A records
    2. AAAA records
    3. CNAME records
    4. MX records
    5. TXT records
    6. SRV records
    7. SPF records
    8. NS records
  2. Click “Add New Record”
  3. Once you have entered in the record information click “Save”


Showing the DNS Manager page in ZPanel


Note: If you’re going to use the nameservers that ZPanel generates, you’ll have to register them with your domain registrar. If you need help with this, we’d be happy to help. Just submit a ticket that includes both your ZPanel login credentials and the login credentials for your domain registrar. 


Note: For best results please reboot the server after completing the steps above.