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How to Setup a Subdomain Using cPanel

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What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is the use of an existing domain with a prefix change of the www to another title.  This creates another website that contains its own unique content without an entirely new domain needed to be created.  Assuming you own the domain already, a subdomain looks like or

How do I Create a Subdomain in cPanel?

You can setup a subdomain in cPanel by heading to Home > Domains > Subdomains.

Showing how to navigate to the Subdomains icon in cPanel

 This simple guide will show you how to create and manage subdomains. Follow the instructions below to complete your setup.

  1. In the Subdomain text box enter the name you want for the prefix
  2. Select the main domain you want to attach it to in the Domain dropdown menu
  3. In the Document Root text box the home directory should automatically populate, however you can change the name here
  4. Click the create button

Showing the Create a Subdomain form in cPanel