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Task Queue Monitor In WHM

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Whenever you make a change to DNS, or add a subdomain for your site, cPanel will add the task to restart the Web server or DNS Server to the queue. This queue is to help prevent degradation of performance with a large amount of changes being made constantly. What this will do, is group the tasks up so that in the event a service needs to be restarted, it is only done once for the changes to apply.

Where To Find The Task Queue Monitor

Step One: Log into your WHM Administrative Dashboard.

Step Two: In the upper left, search for “Task“. This will bring up one option for the Task Queue Monitor, listed underneath Server Status.

WHM Server Status Task Queue Monitor Menu Link Location

Step Three: Click on Task Queue Monitor to be brought to the page where you are able to view the current Task Queue.

WHM Server Status Task Queue Monitor Default Example Page Empty Queue

Viewing Tasks In The List

If there are any tasks that have been Queue or Scheduled by cPanel / WHM, they will show up in the list on the Task Queue Monitor page. By default, the Show Task Details checkbox will be unchecked, though there is still a fair amount of information that can be seen from each task. For example, in the screenshot below, we can see the Scheduled Time of the Task, the Command being run, as well as when the task had been queued, the Enqueue time. With this Task, it is running the AutoSSL check for a cPanel account.

WHM Server Status Task Queue Monitor Tasks List Without Details

If you check the Show Task Details box, there will be more information displayed next to each task on this page. There will be Remaining Retries for the task, which will show how many times the particular task is set to retry if it should fail. The Task ID will show the unique Identification Number with the Scheduler that the Task is running as.

WHM Server Status Task Queue Monitor Tasks List With Details

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