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Understanding a C-Class IP

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A C-Class IP is a semi static range of IP addresses that is used across the Internet. An IPv4 Address contains four different sections (classes) that are A,B,C, and D.

An example of this would be the IP address, where the number one is the C class. When you purchase a C-Class IP from Hostwinds you will get an IP from a pool of C-Class IP addresses that are available. Normally when you purchase five IPs from Hostwinds you get them in sequential order like,3,4,5,6. What’s different about a C-Class IP is that purchase one C-Class IP along with the standard IPs you would receive IPs in sequential order like this,,3,4,5 and a C-Class IP such as that is not in the same class as your other IP Addresses. 

Add C-Class IP Addresses To Your Server

To add C-Class IP Addresses to your VPS / Cloud server, follow these steps:

Step One: Login to your Cloud Portal. To review on how to locate your Cloud Control management area, please review:  Cloud Control Overview

Step Two: Left click with your mouse on your server’s nickname from the list of server’s

Step Three: Left click on Manage IP’s from the navigation menu bar in the middle of the page

manage ips from cloud portal

Step Four: Click the button that says Manage IPv4 Addresses in the right side of the page

manage ipv4 addresses

Step Five: Select the number of C-Class IP Addresses you want to add to your server from the drop down menu. Here, you can choose to add 0 – 250 IP Addresses to your Server and you will see the cost for the number of C-Class IP Addresses you would like to add. Once you have made your selection, click on the Confirm button.

add c-class ip addresses and confirm

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