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Setting Your Update Preferences for cPanel/WHM

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How Do I Change WHM and cPanel Update Settings?

If you want to change the way updates are handled for WHM, you can do so under Server Configuration. You can also choose how cPanel is updated when WHM is updated. Whether you want automatic updates or prefer to do them manually, here’s how to change your update preferences…

Change WHM/cPanel Update Settings

  1. Log in as root user on WHM
  2. Go to Home > Server Configuration > Update Preferences
Showing how to access the Update Preferences interface in WHM

  1. Choose the Release Tier and the frequency in which updates are performed (Automatic, Manual or Never) under Daily Updates
Showing the Update Preferences form in WHM

  1. Scroll down and click the Save button
Showing the Save icon in WHM and cPanel

  1. Note that updates will be applied nightly if there are any new updates when automatic is chosen

With each one, choose which type of update you want installed:

Stable – This version is tested and the most stable, least risk

Release – More recently released than stable, has more recent bug fixes, the second most stable and second least risk. A good balance of stability and features and the one we recommend

Current – Newest release with some testing done, but no stability guarantee

Edge – Newest version not yet widely released with little to no testing. Not recommended, as there’s very little support can do if something breaks. Often times this version can completely break WHM, meaning we simply have to do a restore from a backup for you

Setting Your Update Preferences for cPanel

cPanel should automatically be set to update along with WHM. If for some reason, there are parts you don’t want to update, you can change that now too. For instance, not updating cPanel’s ftp, courier, bandmin, nds, dovecot or python.

You can also choose how security updates are handled, but we highly recommend to leave this as it is.