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Softaculous Application Updates

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How do I Update Softaculous Applications?

Updating your Softaculous-installed applications is easy and important to do. Applications, software and scripts are always being updated with new features, but more importantly, fixes to possible security risks. Here’s how to update them:


  1. Once logged into cPanel go to Home > Software > Softaculous Apps Installer


Showing the Softaculous icon in cPanel


  1. If there are updates available, there’ll be a message at the top of the Softaculous section highlighted in yellow


Showing available updates via Softaculous in cPanel


  1. Click the message
  2. It will show the applications that have updates available – click the little blue icon next to each one to upgrade (update) them


Showing the updates page for Softaculous in cPanel


  1. When it’s done, you’ll get this message: Congratulations, the software was upgraded successfully


Note: We recommend that you make a backup before updating. You’ll be prompted with a message with the option to make a backup.