Volume Management — Adding to Windows Server

How to create and attach a disk volume on a Windows server

In order to Fully Utilize a Volume attached to a Windows server on with Hostwinds Cloud Instances is to follow these steps:

    1. First of all, see this guide for creating or attaching volumes if you need help with doing so
    2. Next go to the device manager in windows, you should now see two virt-io devices, the second one is the new one
      Windows Volume MGMT


    1. Force populate the data, it should be similar to: disk1
    2. Reboot
    3. After Reboot – Go to the Windows partition manager and you should now see disk1, a blank disk.
      Note disk0 is the windows boot drive do not format it.
      Windows Volume MGMT


    1. Create a partition, and format it as a simple NTFS volume and map it to a unused letter like D:
    2. You should now be able to see the mounted volume
      Windows Volume MGMT



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