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Volume Management – Adding to Windows Server

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Once you have purchased a new Volume, and attached it to your VPS in the Cloud Control Volume Management Area, your server should now recognize the new drive that has been added.  The exception to this would be in a Windows server, which needs to have the drive created and attached in the Operating System as well, so that Windows will recognize the drive is available for use.  To add a drive to the Windows server, simply follow the below instructions.

How To Create And Attach A Disk Volume On A Windows Server

Step 1: Ensure that the volume has been attached to your server in the Cloud Management area.  See this guide for creating or attaching volumes if you need help with doing so.

Step 2: Login to your server via RDP or VNC and go to the Device Manager in Windows; you should now see two devices, the second one is the new one

Step 3: Force populate the data, it should be similar to: disk1

Step 4: Reboot the server

Step 5: After the server is done with rebooting, go to the Windows Partition Manager and you should now see disk1, a blank disk.

Note disk0 is the windows boot drive.  Do not format it.


Windows Volume MGMT

Step 6: Create a partition, and format it as a simple NTFS volume.  Map it to a unused letter like D:.  You should now be able to see the mounted volume in your File Explorer using the letter chosen as a New Volume.

Windows Volume MGMT


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