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General Information About Hostwinds VPN Service

No, we do not log VPN activity. Please see more information about this in our Terms of Service, under the heading “Hostwinds VPN DMCA.
We do not limit the number of simultaneous connections you are able to make to the VPN.
We do not block ports or disallow any type of traffic over the VPN.
This will depend on a number of factors, such as your local network speed and your latency to the VPN itself. Please see the below tests when testing from our VPN to various locations.


Seattle, Washington => Beijing, China Ping: 315ms Down: 5.84 Mbps Up: 0.74 Mbps

Seattle, Washington => Amsterdam, Netherlands Ping: 175ms Down: 29.46 Mbps Up: 4.54 Mbps

Seattle, Washington => Lagos, Nigeria Ping: 255ms Down: 31.35 Mbps Up: 2.85 Mbps

Seattle, Washington => Dallas, Texas Ping: 49ms Down: 48.50 Mbps Up: 32.04 Mbps

Seattle, Washington => Mangalore, India Ping: 315ms Down: 16.86 Mbps Up: 2.63 Mbps.

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