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What is a Dedicated IP and Do I Need One?

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A dedicated IP address is like having your own home address, as opposed to sharing one address with others. Shared Hosting, Business Hosting and our VPS web hosting services all include 1 dedicated IP by default. With VPS, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers you have the option of adding additional IPs for an additional cost. Our Reseller hosting plans do use a shared IP, but you have the option of purchasing a dedicated IP address. Our Dedicated Servers IPs are ordered in blocks ranging from 8, all the way up to 128 IPs.


Common Reasons For Wanting a Dedicated IP Address.

  • Using an SSL Certificate
  • Keeping site traffic separate
  • Ensuring the IP address can remain off blacklists by sharing it with multiple users


For example, if you’re going to be running an online sales website and need it secured while processing payments, then a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate would be required. 

If you are asking your website visitors for sensitive information in a form, you will want to encrypt the data that is being submitted by your visitors using an SSL and Dedicated IP address. Most browsers will show a warning if a website visitor is being asked to submit a form on http letting them know that the form is not secured using an SSL. 

If you’d like to more accurately gauge how much traffic a site is receiving a dedicated IP address could help determine this.

With regard to email, having a dedicated IP address can ensure that you are not accidentally put on a block list due to other clients on the same IP sending malicious/spam mail.