cPanel Minimum Requirements

Hardware requirements


Component OS Minimum Recommended
Processor All supported operating systems. 1 CPU core 1 CPU cores
Memory CentOS 7 1 GB of RAM 2 GB of RAM or more, for heavily-populated servers.
All other supported operating systems. 768 MB of RAM 2 GB of RAM
Disk Space All supported operating systems. 20 GB of disk space 40 GB of disk space


The cPanel & WHM installation and upgrade processes require at least 3 GB of additional disk space for staging purposes.  Resource gathered from cPanel here


What Tier VPS Is Recommended To Run cPanel?


It is recommended to select a tier 3 or higher VPS when you choose to install your cPanel.  Our tier 1 servers will not be able to accommodate the software’s requirements and our tier 2 servers will not run it optimally.


cPanel is limited to Linux and you can review and purchase the license from Hostwinds here.  Furthermore, upon request in a ticket, our technical support will assist with any installation needs as long as the service is managed and not unmanaged.

Which VPS Is Right For Me? 

The answer to this question can depend on how you plan to use your VPS. It is important to ask yourself these questions:

  • How many accounts and websites will be using this server? 
    • The higher the number of websites that will be on your server, the more resources you will need. It is easy to upgrade as your account grows and needs more resources if you notice that you will need to have additional resources.
  • What will you be using this server for? 
    • The minimum requirements that we offer with our tier 3 VPS will be able to run cPanel/WHM. For websites that need more resources for high amounts of traffic, heavy resource usage for their applications, hosting videos and music, this will require more resources and a higher tier VPS is recommended.


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