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What Is Plesks System Requirements?

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As far as control panels are concerned, Plesk offers it’s subscribers the ability to have a rich user interface to manage their server.  It is generally suggested to use on a Windows hosting environment that many Hostwinds clients choose to use for their VPS.


Minimum System Requirements



The minimum amount of RAM required for installing and running Plesk.


Linux Windows
512 MB + 1 GB swap 2 GB

Learn how to add a swap file on Ubuntu 14.04Ubuntu 16.04, and CentOS 7.


Disk space


The minimum amount of free disk space required for installing and running Plesk.


Linux Windows
10 GB 30 GB


Recommended requirements



Our recommendations are based on the following presumptions:

  • Only 10% of all websites on shared hosting are active (have any persistent number of visitors per week/month).
  • 128 MB of RAM is fine for most typical websites.
    • WordPress: 64 MB
    • Joomla: 64 MB
    • Drupal: 128 MB
    • Symfony: 128 MB
  • No more than 1-3 simultaneous visitors per website, no more that 500 unique visitors per website per day.


If the above is true, we recommend having 1GB of RAM for every 40-50 websites on a shared hosting node.

If you are hosting websites that generate more traffic (5-10 simultaneous visitors per website, between 1000 and 30000 unique visitors per website), we recommend having between 500 MB and 1 GB of RAM per website.

In addition, having sufficient disk space for memory swapping is highly recommended:


Amount of RAM on the server Recommended free disk space for swapping
Less than 1 GB 1 GB
1 GB or more 1/2 * the amount of RAM



Disk space


We recommend having this much disk space for hosting:


Type of hosting Recommended free disk space for websites
Typical shared hosting (100-500 websites per server) Between 2 and 2.5 GB per website
Dedicated VPS hosting (1-10 websites per server) Between 4 and 12 GB per website

Plesk can be installed on either Linux or Windows VPS and you can purchase the license from Hostwinds here.  Furthermore, upon request in a ticket, our technical support will assist with any installation needs as long as the service is managed and not unmanaged.  Resources for Plesk gathered from their official website here