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What Is VPS Hosting?

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When looking for a web hosting service provider, you have many options to choose from. One of the most sought after options is virtual private servers or VPS hosting that many Hostwinds clients really enjoy using. Even better, Hostwinds makes it easy to get started and manage with your very own Cloud Control Portal


VPS Hosting

VPS hosting divides one physical server into several servers.  Virtual private servers are a good choice for website owners who desire extra control over their websites.  Every VPS operates independently and have resources available to use at any time.  Web masters have the ability to install different operating systems on each VPS and the servers may be configured in any way since you have full root access to the server. 


Why Choose a VPS?

The main benefit of VPS hosting is having full control of the server and all of it’s configurations. You can install or remove new software, set permissions, and create accounts.  This gives you a much higher level of control over the server and the ability to customize it in any way you see fit using Linux or Windows. 



One of the reasons that VPS hosting has become popular is to have a staging environment.  For instance, one private server could have the actual website or application and the other a copy of it.  If a critical update of the application or software needs to be made, the update may be tested on the staging server before committing any changes to a live production server. This permits testing before scheduling and performing maintenance and upgrades to a live production environment.


Dedicated Resources

Each VPS comes with a dedicated amount of resources that is available for you when it is needed. Depending on your needs and which Tier of a VPS you have with Hostwinds, this is a good fit for a Cloud First environment and Hostwinds Managed VPSes gives you the help you need 24/7/365. 


Natural Progression From Shared Hosting

Shared hosting usually works for small to medium web sites.  A shared host may be less costly, but it does not allow total control over the hosting environment.  A shared host does not permit the use of different operating systems or the installation of custom software.  It may be true many web site owners are not interested in the administration of a server and prefer leaving it to their host.  However, it is ideal if a web site owner desires more control and needs new software that is not available in a shared web hosting environment.  When looking for VPS hosting, one should look at the resources needed, the upgrade process, the application requirements and the number of accounts needed on each server to determine the appropriate amount of resources for a VPS.  The cost should be reasonable for what is offered. 


A web site that has outgrown shared hosting will benefit from VPS hosting. It is a good problem to have if your website needs more resources than our Shared or Business Hosting can provide you and Hostwinds makes a very strong effort to help you continue to grow and be successful. We make the migration easy for you to a VPS server and using a Tier 3 or Tier 4 with a cPanel license should be pretty familiar to most Hostwinds Shared or Business Hosting clients. Hostwinds VPS services are a good choice to keep your website growing and successful in today’s Cloud first world.


Hostwinds VPS Options


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