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WHM Statistics Software Configuration Overview

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What Is WHM Statistics Software Configuration?

Statistics Software Configuration in the Server Configuration section of WHM is a dashboard that shows all the server statistics and statistics software available to use. You can access this dashboard by going to Home > Server Configuration > Statistics Software Configuration


Showing how to access the Statistics Software Configuration in WHM


The dashboard includes 6 modules that allow you to review information. You can choose the applications to run, then set permissions on them. You can also set schedules for and configure them.  Read below to see a brief overview of the modules and what they can do.


Statistics Status Summary

Shows important information about the server’s statistics software


Showing the Statistics Status Summary interface in WHM


Process Statistics for User 

Shows individual account statistics


Showing the Process Statistics for User interface in WHM


Generators Configuration 

Lets you pick which statistical analysis software your cPanel accounts can use.  The three statistics options are Analog, AWStats and Webalizer


Showing the Generators Configuration interface in WHM


User Permissions

Sets the permissions on which cPanel users can adjust their statistics software


Showing the User Permissions interface in WHM


Schedule Summary

Lets you set when the software will be updated


Showing the Schedule Summary interface in WHM


Schedule Configuration

You can decide how often WHM processes that statistics information on your server


Showing the Schedule Configuration interface in WHM

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