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Why should I use a VPN

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The use of VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks has exploded in popularity within recent years, but you might ask why you would want to have one. The answer varies a lot based on what you use your computer for and what you want to do with it. The most common answers are below.




The number one most common reason to use a VPN is for security. VPNs encrypt your network traffic and keep it hidden. This protects you from malicious behaviors by others and keeps your data safe, even on networks that are insecure. VPNs are especially helpful on public Wifi or mobile data networks. Even on networks full of people who might spy on your private information or try to redirect you to phony phishing sites, a VPN will keep you safe. 




Coming in right behind security is privacy. A VPN hides your private data, so it’s just as good for privacy as it is for security. No matter what you do online, it can leave a data trail. A VPN protects your data and your IP, keeping that trail from being linked to you. You can stay safely anonymous online with a VPN, avoiding attempts to track your data by big companies. A VPN isn’t a total solution for privacy,  but it’s an important and useful step towards protecting your privacy online.


Business Use


If you operate your own business, you can add security to your business by using a VPN. This protects your sensitive information, makes sure your employees’ data isn’t being stolen, and keeps your business private, secure, and working well online. Business data security is crucial, and a VPN’s ability to enhance privacy and security is a great step towards ensuring that your business’s data stays secure.


Location Spoofing


Location spoofing means making your IP look like it’s coming from a different location from your actual one. Whether you want to bypass local data filters or just watch location-limited videos on Youtube or streaming services, a VPN provides location spoofing for you. No matter where you are in the world, a VPN makes your traffic look like it’s coming from the VPN’s endpoint. All Hostwinds VPNs have end points in the United States.


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