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WordPress Redirect Loop

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Why do I get a WordPress redirect loop?

There are several reasons trying to visit your site ends in an endless redirect loop. The exact message that’s displayed will depend on the browser you’re using. It’s caused when there are multiple versions of your site and they’re endlessly referring back and forth between each other.


How do I fix an endless WordPress redirect loop?

To fix the too many redirects error, the first and easiest thing to do is clear your cookies and your cache and see if that solves it.  If not, check to see if it’s your .htaccess file causing it or if it’s a plugin using redirects.


Fix with a fresh .htaccess file

  1. Always make a backup of the .htaccess file before doing anything
  2. After you’ve made a backup copy, delete it from your server
  3. Login to your WP admin dashboard
  4. Go to General under Settings on the left
  5. Make sure the WordPress Address URL and website URL are exactly the same (If one uses www in the name, the other should too. If you’re using it without, just, neither of them should include the www)
  6. Save your changes
  7. Upload a fresh .htaccess file (Your .htaccess file should look like this)


Fix by finding a problem plugin

  1. If you use any plugins for 301 redirects, disable that first and see if it solves the problem
  2. If not, deactivate all your plugins
  3. If your site works after that, enable them one by one, checking your site after each one