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WordPress System Requirements

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WordPress can be run on any system that supports PHP, MySQL or MariaDB and HTTPS. As long as you are running these services on your system, you should be able to use WordPress. These requirements may change, so make sure to review the Server Requirements listed as this will continue to change and be updated. 


How do I find my version of PHP, MySQL and MariaDB?



First: Login into your account

Second: Find Server Information on the right side


wordpress server requirements find php mysql version


Third: Review the versions of all the software on the server

how to find wordpress server requirements for php mysql mariadb cpanel


First: Find PHP Version by running php -v

Second: Find MySQL wersion by running mysql -V


First: Find PHP version by running dpkg –list | grep php

Second: Find MySQL version by running dpkg –list | grep mysql

Is mod_rewrite enabled in Apache?

The best way to ensure this is enabled to is create a file named .htaccess using File Manager or your favorite text editor and place this into a sub directory, such as ~/public_html/testfolder. You can add the following lines to the .htaccess file and visit your test folder to make sure  mod_rewrite is enabled:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On

Does Hostwinds offer HTTPs support?

Yes, of course. We highly recommend using an SSL on your websites. Order an SSL from your client area to start using the HTTPS.


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