Hostwinds VPN

Enjoy a Stable, Private, and Secure connection with Hostwinds VPN.

Access from Any Device

Unmetered Bandwidth


Powerful Encryption

Secure and Private Access to the Internet

Your privacy is important. Enjoy a fast, secure connection and protect your sensitive information today by getting started with a Hostwinds VPN.

Our VPN provides you with enhanced network privacy and anonymity, keeping your sensitive information protected and secure.

Hostwinds’ VPN can be used on ANY of your devices, whether you are connecting to the internet from home, your mobile device, a coffee shop, or anywhere at all! Rest assured that you are secured and your data is protected.

Get Protected For $8/mo
Diagram Showing how a VPN Protects you

VPN Security Features

Our VPN comes standard with everything you need to stay secure.

Secure Encrypted Connection

Browse the internet with confidence. Hostwinds' VPN prevents any unauthorized access with our secure encrypted connection.

No Third Party Tracking

Prevent outside sources from tracking your connectivity and traffic. Our VPN keeps your private data private.

Proactive Identity Protection

By using a Virtual Private Network, you reduce your chances for identity theft and other related issues.

Server Hardening

Your privacy is important to us, which is why Hostwinds does not store any logs on any of our VPN Servers.

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