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Frequently Asked Questions about CPV Hosting

What is CPVLab?

CPVLab is an all-in-one marketing solution that saves users time while they review their marketing campaign statistics. The platform enables users to track, analyze, and optimize their campaigns from their traffic sources using one easy-to-use interface.

Allowing for nearly limitless flexibility and countless variations of campaign tracking, CPVLab is both scalable and customizable.

What is CPVLab Hosting?

CPVLab Hosting service is a pre-configured, optimized, turnkey solution for anyone wishing to track their marketing campaigns. As a CPVLab Preferred Host, Hostwinds worked directly with CPVLab in optimizing and enhancing the usability of the platform, resulting in the best possible performance.

Once deployed, users can immediately begin using CPVLab to improve and track the statistics of their marketing campaigns with ease.

Is CPVLab complicated to use?

CPVLab is not complicated to use at all! The application's campaign setup procedures are straightforward to follow. CPVLab is known for its user-friendly dashboard and interface.

Advanced capabilities allow for passing/posting data and segment customization that add to the complexity of the setup.

Thus, CPVLab can be as simple or complex as you need it to be based on your requirements and the structure of your campaigns.

How much traffic can CPVLab Hosting handle?

Hostwinds CPVLab Hosting can handle 1 million visitors per month up to 100+ million visitors per month.

Our optimized turnkey solution and CPVLab's 'TrueCache' feature allow for customizable options for high traffic users. The amount of traffic your server can handle is based on the software and resources of the server your CPVLab Hosting is on.

For this reason, Hostwinds offers three different plans to choose from based on your needs.

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