Hostwinds operates out of three data centers, allowing us to provide our clients with disaster recovery options. If need be, clients can also geographically load balance traffic between locations.


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Extensive Redundancy

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Automatic Network Failover

Resolving network failures instantly with built in redundancy.

We are adamant about keeping your service consistently available. We utilize several upstream providers, allowing us to select the optimal path out of our facilities. We implement several automatic failover systems, including automatic path rerouting, redundant switches, and redundant core routers.

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Multi-Path Redundancy

Multiple layers of redundancy are built in at every level to guarantee higher uptime and increased reliability.

We have taken special care to build numerous fail-safes to ensure in the event of a failure. Your service remains accessible. We connect our servers with two access switches. We then uplink all switches to multiple core routers. All of our equipment has redundant power supplies, and separate power feeds.

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Redundant Power feeds from multiple power substations

N+1 Generator Backed Power

Fully redundant power distribution with each device connected to two separate power circuits ensures no single point of failure anywhere within the power distribution infrastructure.

Multiple Tier 1 Network Providers

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