How to Add Wildcard DNS Records

You can create a Wildcard DNS record through cPanel by simply creating a subdomain.  Follow the steps below to set this up.


Note: This will cause all subdomains to link directly to your main site.  If you want subdomains to host other files you’ll need to remove the record.


  1. Login into your cPanel account
  2. Head to Home > Domains > Subdomains


Showing how to navigate to the Subdomains icon in cPanel


  1. In the Subdomain text box enter an asterisk “*” symbol
  2. Choose a domain from the dropdown you want to associate the Wildcard subdomain with
  3. The Document Root text box will auto-generate the proper information
  4. Click the Create button


Showing how to create wildcard Subdomains in cPanel


What is a Wildcard DNS record?

A Wildcard DNS record makes it possible for any subdomain to be linked to your primary domain.  The content shown on the subdomain will be the same throughout whether someone types in or



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