Adding an A Record in cPanel

How Do I Add an A Record in cPanel?

With cPanel you can manage all aspects of your website(s), such as adding DNS entries through the web based interface. Let’s take a look at how you’d add an A record through cPanel. Please note that you’ll need to login to your cPanel account to follow the steps listed below. If you’re unsure of how to login to your cPanel account, please refer to the following guide: How to access cPanel


  1. Once logged into cPanel select the “Zone Editor” icon under the domains section


Showing the Zone Editor icon in cPanel


  1. Select “A Record”


Showing the A Record link in the cPanel Zone Editor


  1. Fill in the fields that appear with the following information
    1. Name
    2. Address
  2. Click “Add an A Record”


Showing how to add an A record form in the cPanel Zone Editor


Your record should now be added to your DNS zone!


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