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Checking the CSF Status (disable/enable/restart it)

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What is CSF?

CSF stands for ConfigServer Security & Firewall. CSF is a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall. It is used primarily used to limit types of connections and public access. This guide goes over how to check if CSF is running and how to disable it on CentOS 7.

To continue with this, you will need to have a Hostwinds server and be able to SSH into your server. You may also login to your Hostwinds Server using the Get VNC Feature in your server Instance. You will also want to ensure that CSF is already installed.  

How Do I Check To See If CSF Is Currently Running?

To check if CSF is running, type:

sudo service csf status

Then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. It will then display information on if it is running or not.

Disabling/Enabling/Restarting CSF

Press the “Enter” key after typing the below command(s) you wish to use.

  • Disabling CSF: csf -x
  • Enabling CSF: csf -e
  • Restarting CSF: csf -r

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