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How to Configure Custom Nameservers in WHM

Hostwinds Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated servers allow you to start your own website design, website development, and/or web hosting business using a server with an optional cPanel & WHM License. There are many benefits to setting this up.

In this guide we will go through setting up and using your own Custom Nameservers for your domain. This can be accomplished during the initial setup of cPanel & WHM Configuration area when you first login to your WHM service.

To continue with this guide, you will want to have purchased a Hostwinds Cloud, VPS or Dedicated Server with a cPanel license and be logged into WHM.


Add Custom Nameservers using WHM

If your WHM has already been configured, you can set the Custom Nameservers by searching for the Basic WebHost Manager Setup in your WHM search area on the upper left side of WHM:

Step One: Search for Basic using the search box in the upper left corner and click on Basic WebHost Manager Setup in the Server Configuration Category


basic web hosting manager set up


Step Two: Ensure that you have a valid domain registered for use, or plan on getting a domain registered

Step Three: In the Basic WebHost Manager Setup, click on the Basic Config tab


basic configuration set up


Step Four: Scroll to the very bottom to find the Nameservers section

Step Five: Input your new Custom Nameservers in the Nameserver fields


Hostwinds recommends entering your Custom Nameservers as Nameserver 3 and Nameserver 4 that way you will still have use of the default Nameservers until they are no longer needed.


Adding a nameserver to the WebHost Manager Setup


Step Six: Select the Configure Address Records option to configure the Nameserver’s settings and records.


Configure Address Records for nameserver in WHM Setup


Step Seven: Enter the IPv4 Address of your server for an A record and then select the Configure Address Records button.  You may also add a valid IPv6 for your server as a AAAA record if you so choose.


Configuring A record for nameserver in WHM Setup


Step Eight: Allow time for DNS propagation to take effect.  To learn more about propagation, please review our overview about What DNS Propagation is.


Register Your Custom Nameservers

If your domain is registered with Hostwinds, continue with this guide. If you domain name is registered with another domain registrar, please reach out to your domain registrar’s support team.

Step One:  Login to the Client Area at

Step Two: Go to Domains > My Domains from the top navigation menu bar


domains my domains


Step Three: Click the wrench icon on the right side of your domain name


manage domain hostwinds client area

Step Four: Click on Private Nameservers from the left side of the page in the Manage section

manage private nameservers


Step Five: Enter your Custom Nameserver prefix and the IP Address in the fields. You will want to do this two times, once for each Nameserver and click the Save Changes button


register private nameservers hostwinds client area


Using Custom Nameservers

If your domain name is registered with Hostwinds, you can change your domain’s Nameservers through the Client Area. If you domain name is registered elsewhere, please contact your domain registrar’s support for assistance.

Step One: In the Hostwinds Client Area for your Domain > My Domains area, click the wrench to the right of your domain name

Step Two: Click on Nameservers on the left side of the page in the Manage section


change nameservers manage section hostwinds client area


Step Three: Check the Custom Namervers radio button and enter your Custom Nameservers


hostwinds custom nameservers


Changes to your domain’s Nameservers may cause downtime and it is important to understand that DNS propagation may take 24 hours to fully propagate across the internet.


Should you ever have any questions regarding the DNS manager or domain records management feel free to speak to one of our LiveChat or Phone (1-888-404-1279) Agents, who will be more than happy to assist you in any way they are able, 24/7.


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