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Easy FileZilla Setup Guide for cPanel

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How Do I Use FileZilla And cPanel?


Create Your FTP Account

To create your FTP account in cPanel, please refer to the following article.

Creating An FTP Account In cPanel


How Do I Connect Filezilla To cPanel?

You can connect your account and access your site via FTP with Filezilla, CoreFTP or Cyberduck. Of course, you can use any FTP program you want, but these are the three that cPanel provides auto-magic instant setup files for. If you use another program, you’ll need to set it up manually.


Configure Filezilla Manually

  1. Download Filezilla and install it on your PC
  2. Open Filezilla
  3. Enter in your domain name or IP address for the Host field (dedicated IP provided in welcome email, sent when a service is purchased)
  4. Use your cPanel login information to login for the username and password fields (provided in welcome email, sent when a service is purchased)
  5. 21 should be automatically applied for port even if it does not show, you can change this here if needed
  6. Click Quickconnect

cPanel FTP Manual Configuration

Configure Filezilla Automatically

  1. Download Filezilla and install it
  2. Open cPanel (please see How To Access cPanel if not familiar how)
  3. Go to Files > FTP Accounts

cPanel Automatic FTP configuration

  1. Under FTP Accounts click Configure FTP Client for the chosen FTP account

cPanel Automatic Configuration Step Two

  1. Click the blue FTP Configuration File button under Filezilla to download the file

cPanel Automatic Configuration Step Three

  1. Run the Configuration File that you just downloaded on your local PC


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