My cPanel/WHM License has Expired

How do I renew my cPanel/WHM license with Hostwinds?


cPanel/WHM licenses are part of an automatic renewal process when you sign up for a service with Hostwinds that uses them.  We will manage the license for you depending on the product or service you purchased with us.  If you experience any issues, these are the steps we take to make sure your service has the proper license.


      1. Ensure that the cPanel License Product has the correct IP address associated with it
      2. Log into your server via SSH
      3. Run the following command: 
      4. Verify that the issue is resolved by trying to access WHM or cPanel


    If you continue to experience any issues with your license it may be a billing issue with funds not being able to be pulled from your account to pay for the service.

    If you choose to purchase your own license, you may do so at  Once you have the license details we can install it on your server by either opening a ticket or talking with a rep through live chat on our site.


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