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What is Domain ID Protection

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Domain ID Protection is a service that “masks” the contact details of the domain registrant/owner from services that provide publicly available WHOIS information. We highly suggest to add this service when registering your domain name with Hostwinds to protect your personal information and privacy.

add domain privacy

Typically sites that offer a free WHOIS lookup like the ones listed below will allow someone to find out the name, email, physical address, phone number listed for the registrant/owner of a give domain name:

When that information is publicly available it may result in inquiries about purchasing the domain or inquires about selling services to the domain owner. As ICANN regulations do require that the registrant information be valid, the need to be able to “mask” that information when publicly searched may be needed. As such adding ID Protection (sometimes called Whoisguard or Domain Privacy by others in the industry) would set the public listings of the contact info as being information for a “Privacy Agent” and prevents those inquiries from getting to the domain owner.

How Do I Manage my ID protection?

Step 1: To manage your Domain ID Protection (Domain Whois Privacy), navigate to Services > My Domains in your Client area.

Step 2: From there, select Manage Domain for the domain you wish to manage your privacy settings on, this is found in the dropdown menu to the right of the domain.

Step 3: Next, select Addons from the left navigation menu.

Step 4: From here, you can select to Enable, Disable, or Purchase ID protection.

Changes occur instantly on the registrar, however, most online services that provide information retain a cache, so may not immediately update with their database.