Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides free Secure Socket Layers to enable HTTPS on your website.  They will provide you with an SSL Certificate if you can prove domain ownership through the ACME Protocol.  The software runs on your web host and verifies who you’re.


How do I setup a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt?

You can verify your credentials in two ways with Let’s Encrypt. First, with Shell Access and using the Certbot ACME client, or secondly, using the support of your hosting provider.


How is Let’s Encrypt different than other Certificate Authorities?

Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority and a non-profit started by industry leaders.  As the new player in the space, Let’s Encrypt carries with it some early limitations.  Certificates will be basic encryption only – Domain Validated (DV) SSL’s only confirm domain ownership through matching the email in the whois registry. They do not involve further vetting.  Unlike Extended Validation (EV), the free cert will not provide the Green Address Bar, which is necessary for PCI Compliance and supporting credit card payment transactions on your website.


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