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Hosting a WordPress Site On A Server With Virtualmin

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Virtualmin makes it very easy to manage all aspects of your website via its very intuitive GUI. In this article we will cover how to create a WordPress site within Virtualmin. If you have not already installed Virtualmin, please refer to the following guide before continuing. How to install Virtualmin (CentOS 7)


How Can I Host My WordPress Website On A Cloud Server With Virtualmin/Webmin?

This process can essentially be broken into 3 tasks, which are extensively covered in the guides below.


Overall you need to first add the site that you’d like to install WordPress on, and host to Virtualmin/Webmin. You’ll then need to create a new database for the WordPress site to use. Lastly you’ll need to install the WordPress software onto a domain that you have added to Virtualmin/Webmin and also use the database that you created.


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