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Domain MX Records (cPanel)

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What Are MX Records?

MX records are basically DNS Records that are responsible for sending email to your email address. They’re controlled by the same place your authoritative nameservers are, normally your registration company of your domain(s).

You can change where your email is sent by changing your MX records. This won’t affect current or old email, but all future emails will use the new ones.

They consist of a domain name and a number for priority. The higher the priority, the lower the number should be. Email servers that are trying to connect to your MX records will use this priority number, and if there’s more than one MX record with the same priority value, one will randomly be picked.

How Do I Add MX Records In CPanel?

If you have cPanel, you can add or change your MX records by performing the following steps:

1:  Login to cPanel

2:  Go to Zone Editor under the Domains Column

CPanel Zone Editor Image

3:  Select the domain you want to edit the MX entry for and click on Manage

Zone Editor Manage Location Image

4:  Find your current MX record and click on Edit or Delete to configure or delete current MX record.  If you want to add a MX record, please continue to step 5.

Edit or Delete MX record Image

5:  To add a MX Record, select the Add Record drop-down followed by selecting Add MX Record

Add MX Record Image

6:  Input the priority of the record

7:  Input the fully qualified domain name (no IP) for the destination

8:  Click Add New Record

Adding MX Record Image

How Do I Set MX Records To Use Gmail?

You can setup your MX records so you can have your email delivered to you Gmail account by first connecting your domain with Google Apps then use the steps referenced above to add the following MX records in cPanel.


Adding all five ensures that if one goes down or there’s maintenance, your email will still continue to be delivered.

It can take up to 48 hours for these changes to take effect.  What Is DNS Propagation?

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