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How To Change Your Webmail Password In cPanel

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After you create your email within cPanel, there may come a time where you may want to change your password to your email account for a variety of reasons.  The following steps will outline how to change your webmail(s) password if needed.


Step 1:  Log into your cPanel service (If not familiar how, please review our article How To Access cPanel)

Step 2:  Locate your Email section and cPanel and select Email Accounts


The Email Accounts option in cPanel


Step 3:  Select the Email Accounts tab.  Select Password and Authentication to the right of the email now you wish to change.


cpanel webmail password location image


Step 5:  Enter the password you would like to change your Webmail to.  You will have to confirm the change again to complete the process.

[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]

5a: The eye icon can be used to see what your password currently is

5b:  Use the generate icon to generate a strong password for you.  If you do not like the password created, click again to refresh a new option.


webmail change password steps image


Note:  You can select the drop down next to the Generate button to be more particular in the random creation of your password


Generate webmail password dropdown image



Step 6:  Click Change Password when ready to complete your change.


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