Allow Editing of Hidden/System Files

Some files you want to edit may be hidden by default. A common file like this is the .htaccess file. You can choose to show these files in both cPanel and FileZilla by performing the following steps:


How do I Show Hidden Files in FileZilla?


  1. Click Server at the top
  2. Click Force show hidden files from the dropdown


Showing the Force Showing Hidden Files option in FIleZilla

How do I Show Hidden Files in cPanel?


  1. Go to File Manager


Showing the FIle Manager location in cPanel


  1. Click Settings (In paper lantern theme, this is a button at the top right)


Showing the Settings button in the cPanel File Manager


  1. Click the box for Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)
  2. Click Save


Showing the Preferences for the cPanel File Manager



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