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How to install Bind on Ubuntu 16.04

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The de-facto standard Domain Name System server of the Linux / BSD world, BIND is easy to install on Ubuntu as well as any other distributions. BIND translates domain names to IP addresses primarily, but has a few other functions. Installing BIND on Ubuntu 16.04 is as follows:


Installing Bind on Ubuntu Server 16.04

Unlike the desktop versions of Ubuntu, our Ubuntu Server VPS image will give you root on the command line, so you don’t need to use ‘sudo’ to run commands as root. These commands should be performed from the command line after Connecting to Your Server with SSH.

If you have just installed Ubuntu, you should make sure it’s up-to-date:

(hit enter when it asks if you want to upgrade)


Then BIND can be installed — BIND 9 is the version in Ubuntu 16.04:


After you Configure BIND on your server (the same instructions for CentOS will work in Ubuntu) you will want to start it:


You probably also want it to start on boot


You can check the status with


And after any further configuration changes you’ll want to restart the service: