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How To Send Mass Emails In WHMCS

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This guide’s intent is for those who have purchased our White Label Reseller Service and are using WHMCS.  After purchasing and installing the service, you will have access to WHMCS’s back-end infrastructure allowing you to manage and personalize your web hosting service.


How To Send Mass Emails Using The Mass Mail Tool

WHMCS includes a useful option when needing to email all of your current clientele or all with a specific service.  To begin utilizing this feature, select the Client tab and choose Mass Mail Tool.


Mass Mail Tool Location Image


After choosing Mass Mail Tool, you will have options to send different mail as seen and described below.  By selecting Email Type, a Client Criteria area will open presenting options for whom you specifically want to compose a message for.


Mass Mail WHMCS Image


When ready to create your email, choose Compose Message at the bottom.


Email Type

General – choose General to send a general message to all or certain client groups

Product/Service – filter emails by going to selected owners of particular sold products

Addon – choose to send specific emails to those who have certain Addons you provide

Domain – email to certain statuses of domains like, pending, active, expired, etc


Client Area

After you select what Email Type you are choosing to send, you will need to select more specifically whom you are wish to target.


Client Group  – if you have set-up Client Groups, you can choose which group or groups you want to send the message to

Language – by default, your server will send an English message unless changed from within your WHMCS Set-up >> General Settings >> Localisation >> Default Language has been changed.  If you have options other then default, you can choose from the available options

Client Status – choose to send to all active clients, inactive or currently closed accounts


Depending on the Email Type you choose will result in further specific choices for whom you want to email.


Composing The Message

Once you have chosen your target audience to email, click on Compose Image toward the bottom.  This will open a message window for you to begin writing what you want to message everyone.


Compose Email Message Image


Within the Send Email Message Portal, you are able to give your email a subject, CC or BCC, as well as attaching any needed documents like any typical email.  Furthermore, you can review the current list of clients selected for which you specifically filtered prior to sending your message.


Displayed Filtered Recipients of WHMCS Email Image


If you think the message might be frequently used, select Save Message and give the message a name.  You will then be able to quickly select the template message for future use.


Save Message Location Example Image


Once read to send, you can choose to preview the message by selecting the Message Preview button.


Preview Message and Send Message Location Image


When ready to send your email message, choose Send Message.


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