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How To Test Speed to Hostwinds Data Centers

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There are many factors that determine speed across the internet.  For your convenience, Hostwinds provides the ability to test speed to our current data centers by supplying an IP to our Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX and Amsterdamn, Netherlands locations. All of the services Hostwinds provides are designed with Speed In Mind.

How To Check Speed From Hostwinds Website?

Hostwinds offers the ability to check ping latency and download speeds from our Data centers to your PC straight from our website here.

Clicking on “Dallas Data Center”, “Seattle Data Center” or “Amsterdam Data Center” will provide test .zip files to download from in order to test connectivity.

How To Check Latency Using A Ping Test

The IP’s to run your own checks against to measure the speeds you will be receiving with your services are:

Dallas Data Center Test IP:

Seattle Data Center Test IP:

Amsterdam Data Center Test IP :

Press CTRL + C on your keyboard to stop a ping request

To perform basic network tests, and make sure you are getting the best speed for your services, open command prompt or shell.  Type the following command to test speeds from your location to Hostwinds Dallas Data Center:


Or, test the speeds to Hostwinds Seattle Data center:


Your Output will look similar to the following if you are testing using a Windows Command Prompt:

ping command prompt image

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