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How To Use The Weebly Build More Elements

Weebly offers many build options under the More category within the Build area of your Weebly Website Builder account.  This article will discuss these options and how to apply them to your website.


To begin, login to your Weebly account, find the Build option at the top of the page and select it.


Weebly Build Tab Location Image


Now scroll down on the left hand side of your Weebly account and find the More section.


Weebly Build - More Section Image


You will be presented more available drag-and-drop options that you can include within your website which we will go over below.


Search Box

A visitor can search your entire site simply by entering a word or phrase in any of the search boxes you’ve added.


Weebly Search Box Icon Image


The Search Box will filter through your entire website built with Weebly (home page, blogs, store, etc) and will produce any results if there are any.  Results displayed will be clickable, and take the user to the location linked.  If there is nothing found, “no results” will be shown.


Search Box is only available for Weebly Pro or higher.  Please review How To Upgrade Your Weebly Service for further information


Block Quote

Create a unique looking headline or text within your website that will stand-out.


Weebly Block Quote Image


Block Quote is a different looking text to give character to what you might want to stand out.  Dragging and dropping a Title, for example, above the Block Quote can give the following presentation.


Weebly Block Quote Example


Social Icons

This feature will help add identifiable links to any of your social sites


Weebly Social Icon Image


Once dragged, social icons will appear similar to the following


Weebly Social Icons Example Image


You can now click on the social icons to edit their linked URL, whether or not they are displayed, their size, add more social icons that are available and more.


Social Icons Management Popup Image


RSVP Forms

Create custom forms, like RSVP’s, using this drag-and-drop feature that will organize and email you information.


Weebly RSVP Form Image


Dragging this option will create something similar to the following example.


RSVP Form Weebly Example


Once dragged, you will be able to customize each field by clicking within the category you wish to edit.  It’s worth noting, each area will have different features, so we encourage you to customize this according to your needs.  Select Form Options to edit where the information is mailed to when filled out and submitted as well as edit the Submit button.  Clicking the Save button will exit out of the editor window and save your changes.


Weebly Form Options Location Image



Just like RSVP Form, Survey can be quickly dragged for similar purposes.  Unlike RSVP Forms, you can use this feature for quickly creating data gathering sheets on your website.


Weebly Survey Image


As an example, when you drag-and-drop Survey, it should appear similar to the following.  As described above in RSVP Form, you will have similar abilities to customize each area by clicking on the area you wish to edit.  Selecting Form Options is clicked to edit where the information is mailed to when filled out and submitted, as well as editing the Submit button.  Clicking the Save button will exit out of the current editor window.


Weebly Survey Drag Example Image
Example of clicking on “How did you hear about this site?*” and available options to edit within this section.


Feed Reeder

Embed an RSS Feed Reader within your website by drag-and-dropping this feature to the desired location.


Feed Reader Icon Image


Dragging Weebly’s Feed Reader will provide an editor for you to include an RSS reader URL, width, positioning and spacing.  Clicking Advanced will change the amount of feeds your Reader displays as well as how long of each description appears.


Feed Reader Display Image


Cookie Opt Out

Opt-Out Element to opt-out at any time of storing cookies when they browse your site.


Cookie Opt Out Icon Image


Dragging the Cookie Opt Out will display a user friendly option presented with a description and a button for users to click.  Clicking within the area will launch settings available to edit including Button Style, Position and Spacing.


Weebly Cookie Opt Out Settings Pop-up Image


Opt-out text is not customizable


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