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How to Install ZPanel X

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How do I Install ZPanel x?

This guide will walk you through how to install ZPanel X for Windows.

  1. Disable IE ESC (Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration) from within the Server Manager
    1. Open Server Manager
    2. Click Configure IE ESC
    3. Tick the “Off” option
    4. Click OK


Showing how to Configure IE ESC in Windows Server 2008


  1. Disable UAC
    1. Click Start
    2. Search for UAC
    3. Select Change User Account Control settings


Showing the Change User Account Control settings location in Windows Server 2008


  1. You’ll need both ZPanel  Core and ZPanel Stack (
  2. Before you try to install ZPanel on your Windows server, please make sure Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime is up to datePrior to installing ZPanel on a Microsoft Windows based machine you must first ensure you have installed all recent versions of the Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime
  3. Install zPanel Stack Server
  4. Reboot
  5. Install zPanel Installer
  6. Enter the requested info
    a. Full Name
    b. Admin email
    c. Fully Qualified Domain Name, for example,


Showing how to intsall ZPanel in Windows Server 2008


  1. Go to c:zPanel
  2. Open the login_details.txt file and make note of the credentials
    a. Note: This is where you’ll find the login credentials for the Zadmin
  3. Login to Zpanel via a web browser by entering your main IP
    1. The login URL is always http://IPADDRESS