How to Configure ModSecurity in WHM

How do I configure ModSecurity’s settings in WHM?

Your WHM comes with a free web app called ModSecurity. It’s helpful for dealing with trojans, SQL injections, session hijacking and more.

To adjust your ModSecurity settings on a global scale, log in to your WHM account and head to Security Center > ModSecurity Configuration.



Showing the location of the ModSecurity Configuration icon in WHM


What settings can I change?

On the Configure Global Directives you’ll be given an interface to configure your settings.  Review the list below to see what you can adjust.


  • Audit Log Level
  • Connections Engine
  • Rules Engine
  • Backend Compression
  • Geolocation Database
  • Google Safe Browsing Database
  • Guardian Log
  • Project Honey Pot Http:BL API Key
  • Perl Compatible Regular Expressions Library Match Limit
  • Perl Compatible Regular Expressions Library Match Limit Recursion


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