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How To RDP Into Your Windows Server (Macintosh)

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How Do I Connect to Windows Server From A Mac?

This guide will walk you through how to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect your Mac to your Windows Server with Hostwinds.

Step 1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on the Mac App Store if you have not already.

Showing how to select the Remote Desktop application from the Mac Launchpad

Step 2. Via the Launcher, open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

Step 3. Click, “Add PC” on the right or the “+” symbol on the top left. Note: If you select the “+” symbol, a dropdown will appear, select, “Add PC”. 

Showing how to create a new Remote Desktop connection on a Mac

Step 3:  Input the Main IPv4 address of your VPS or Dedicated Server in the “PC Name” Dialogue box. 

Step 4: Click the “Add” button on the bottom right.

Step 5. Select the newly created PC Connection item you made.

Step 6. a. Enter administrator for the Username dialogue box. 

Step 6. b. Enter the password that was provided to you from the Hostwinds Welcome Email

Step 6. c. Click “Connect” in the lower right. 

If the information was entered correctly you should now be able to connect to the remote server!

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