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How To RDP Into Your Windows Server From A Mac

How Do I Connect to Windows Server From A Mac?

This guide will walk you through how to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect your Mac with a Windows Cloud or Dedicated server.


If you’re unable to login please contact our support department for assistance by entering Live Chat or Opening A Technical Support Ticket.


Step 1: Open the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client by heading to Launchpad > Type in the search bar “Remote”


If the application is unavailable download it through this link


Showing how to select the Remote Desktop application from the Mac Launchpad


Step 2:  Select New


Showing how to create a new Remote Desktop connection on a Mac


Step 3:  Name the connection

Step 4:  Enter the IP address in the PC name field

Step 5:  Enter administrator for the username

Step 6:  Enter the password

Step 7:  Close the Window


Showing the Editing Remote Desktops interface on a Mac


Step 8:  Under My Desktops select the remote desktop that you’d like to connect to

Step 9:  Click Start


Showing how to start a remote desktop session on a Mac


If the information was entered correctly you should now be able to connect to the remote server!


Your login credentials will be sent from Hostwinds in the Welcome email


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