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Cloudflare Setting Recommendations

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What Are The Recommended Settings Provided By Cloudflare?

Here are the settings that you should take advantage of from Cloudflare. They are broken down into Essential and Optional.



  • Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses
  • Check your Performance settings
  • Check your Security settings
  • Choose one of the SSL modes


Optional Steps

  • Maintain your visitors’ IP information
  • Allow access to your website for the IPs of the services you use
  • Customize the Error Pages (in paid plan)
  • Build a Page Rule for running your website (Must-have for WordPress users!)
  • Troubleshoot common issues


What Are Cloudflare Additional Settings?

This is a pro service provided by Cloudflare that allows you to:

  • Set security level
  • Configure Challenge Passage
  • Browser Integrity Checks
  • Select “I’m under attack mode”


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