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Reseller Hosting Overview

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Reseller Web Hosting is a great solution to creating shared web hosting accounts while maintaining reasonable cost management. As you sell more services with us, you will receive a discount on services ordered! Review the Reseller Web Hosting Page for more details. Hostwinds Resellers are provided a discount based on the total number of web hosting plans that have been ordered.These packages provide an affordable solution if you want to provide web hosting services. With Reseller Web Hosting, you share the server’s resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc) and are restricted from making server-wide changes. The cost of Reseller Hosting is drastically lower than that of a VPS Cloud Server or Dedicated Server that require an additional licensing cost to provide cPanel accounts to make managing .

How To Choose The Right Reseller Service

Hostwinds Reseller Web Hosting has three different options you can choose from. The only difference between them being how many domains are able to be associated with the provided cPanel account: 

Basic Reseller: Allows for 1 domain to be associated with the cPanel account provided. 

Advanced Reseller: Allows for up to 4 domains to be associated with the cPanel account provided. 

Ultimate Reseller: Does not limit the number of domains associated with the cPanel account provided.

If you need access to WHM or if you need one or more dedicated IP Addresses, we recommend using a VPS setup with cPanel and WHM installed or a Dedicated Server with a Dedicated cPanel license. Minimum cpu-count of 2 cores is recommended for cPanel efficiency.

Technical Specs

Here’s some basic, but important information about our a new order for a Reseller Servers:

All new Reseller Web Hosting plans provide the following:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases/Users
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • CGI Access
  • Maximum Hourly Email by Domain: 25
  • Parked Domains disabled
  • inode limits: 250,000

Does Hostwinds Offer Site Migrations?

Yes! Once you’ve ordered your reseller package, submit a support ticket requesting a website migration. You’ll need to provide us with your previous hosting details (Hosting package logins) and our support staff will perform the following:

  • Fully migrate your account to your Hostwinds service
  • Test locally to ensure that the migration was completed successfully and without any errors
  • Update you once completed, confirming it’s safe to switch your nameservers over to your new hosting package
  • For more information please review Hostwinds’ Migration Policy

Not sure how to update your nameservers? Let us know! We can do it for you if your domain is already registered with Hostwinds. If not, simply provide us with your registrar’s login details and our support staff can perform this change for you.

Available Addons

Advanced Website Monitoring

Always be the first to know exactly what’s going on with your website. From immediate alerts to detailed reports, we’ll keep you aware of your site’s status. If you have any questions about website monitoring, feel free to review our Monitoring Overview.

  • We Monitor your Website 24/7
  • A support ticket is automatically opened on your behalf if your website goes offline or doesn’t load correctly.

What if I need more accounts?

If you need to add more cPanel accounts to your reseller portal, simply go to your My Services page and add a new order for additional reseller hosting accounts. You’ll receive your current discount level on the new purchase when you place the order for the services being added. You have no limit to how many services you can add, and the discount grows the more you purchase.

Can Users Move to Other Plans?

Your users cannot change between the different tiers while maintaining them as a client of your reseller portal. They are able to purchase products on their own, but this would require a migration process to take place, as they would be moving away from the product they were sold and into the product they wish to upgrade to. 

If a client of yours wishes to move to something more robust than the shared plan offerings, you can consider our White Label Reseller options to gain access to our entire line of products, save for a few select items. Keep in mind that moving to a VPS or a Dedicated server would require additional licensing costs to enable cPanel/WHM.

Windows is not an upgrade option path, as cPanel reseller hosting is based on Linux. you can upgrade to a Windows VPS or Dedicated Server, but cross-OS migrations are not supported by our support staff.

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