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Reseller Hosting Overview

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a web hosting package on a server that’s shared between other users who have purchased a reseller hosting package.

Resellers are provided limited access to the WHM (Web Host Manager) interface, allowing for the creation and management of cPanel accounts underneath their ownership.

These packages provide an affordable solution for users wishing to resell hosting services for clients, with management of limitations and features that they provide to their users.

With reseller hosting, you share the server’s resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc) and are restricted from making server-wide changes. That’s why the cost of reseller hosting is drastically lower than that of a Cloud Instance or Dedicated Server.


Which Products Are Considered Reseller Hosting?

All of the following hosting plans fall under reseller hosting:

  • Basic Reseller: Allows for 10 cPanel accounts
  • Advanced Reseller: Allows for 25 cPanel accounts
  • Ultimate Reseller: Allows for 75 cPanel accounts

The number of cPanel accounts allowed to be hosted is the only difference between the 3 packages.


Reseller packages can be reviewed here.


Technical Specs

Here’s some basic, but important information about our a new order for a Reseller Servers:

  • All Reseller Servers share the same configurations and optimizations
  • Reseller hosting offers a highly optimized Apache Web Server
  • You’re able to choose which PHP version you’d like to use on a per-domain basis (PHP versions available: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2)
  • PHP Memory Limit: 128MB
  • Complete Access to Softaculous Auto Installer (Ability to install several hundred applications with one click! (Such as WordPress)

All new reseller hosting plans provide the following:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases/Users
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • CGI Access
  • Dedicated IP (at no extra cost) for your account and subsequent accounts to use
  • Ability to purchase additional dedicated IPs for separate cPanel accounts
  • Maximum Hourly Email by Domain: 250
  • Parked Domains disabled
  • Addon Domains disabled
  • inode limits: 200,000

Reseller Servers run the latest version of CloudLinux 7 with cPanel.


Does Hostwinds Offer Site Migrations?

Yes! Once you’ve ordered your package, submit a support ticket requesting a website migration. You’ll need to provide us with your previous hosting details (Hosting package logins) and our support staff will perform the following:

  • Fully migrate your account to your Hostwinds service
  • Test locally to ensure that the migration was completed successfully and without any errors
  • Update you once completed, confirming it’s safe to switch your nameservers over to your new hosting package
  • For more information please review Hostwinds’ Migration Policy


Not sure how to update your nameservers? Let us know! We can do it for you if your domain is already registered with Hostwinds. If not, simply provide us with your registrar’s login details and our support staff can perform this change for you.


Available Addons

Advanced Website Monitoring

Always be the first to know exactly what’s going on with your website. From immediate alerts to detailed reports, we’ll keep you aware of your site’s status.

  • We Monitor your Website 24/7
  • A support ticket is automatically opened on your behalf if your website goes offline or doesn’t load correctly.

Shared Backups

Make sure your data is safe. Our Shared Backup service include plans for crashes and other holdups. We’re here to make sure your hard work isn’t lost.

  • Base Price: $3 per month
  • Monthly Storage Price: $0.015 Per GB ($15 Per TB)
  • You’re provided direct access to your backed up data.


What Are My Upgrade Options?

You can upgrade and downgrade easily between the 3 available packages (Basic, Advanced and Ultimate). Upgrades and downgrades will occur instantly and require zero interaction by support staff to be completed.


Downgrading to a plan with less available domains than what you presently have on their account will result in issues with the downgrade process. Your domains may stop resolving.


Example: You have 15 domains setup with the Ultimate plan and decide to downgrade to the Advanced plan. But this plan only allows 4 total domains (1 main domain, + 3 addon domains). So before downgrading, you should remove domains you aren’t going to be using in cPanel. You should only have 4 domains before actually downgrading. Otherwise you risk 11 of them to stop working.


Can Users Upgrade To Other Plans?

Yes, but not directly. These would be considered as cross-plan upgrades and you’d need to order the new service separately.

Which plans can I upgrade to?

  • HDD Cloud Linux
  • SSD Cloud Linux
  • Dedicated Server

You can upgrade to any of the above plans. With business hosting, you’d get more speed since our Business servers utilize the LiteSpeed Web Server and offer additional PHP memory.

You can also upgrade to either of our Cloud Linux plans (SSD/HDD) or even a dedicated server if your website needs large amounts of resources.


Windows is not an upgrade option path, as cPanel reseller hosting is based on Linux. you can upgrade to Windows, but cross-OS migrations are not supported by our support staff.


Will Hostwinds Assist Me with My Upgrade?

Absolutely! As long as the plan selected is a fully managed plan, Hostwinds will be able to fully complete your upgrade to your product of choice. Do note, that you’ll need to purchase a cPanel license if upgrading to a Cloud or Dedicated server. A cPanel license costs $13 for Cloud or VPS instances and $35 for Dedicated Servers.


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