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What is the Reseller Center?

Reseller Center Overview

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What is the Reseller Center?

This article is intended for VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated Server clients with access to Web Host Manager (WHM). cPanel licenses can be purchased with your VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Server for an additional cost to give you the ability to use cPanel and WHM to manage your accounts and the server configurations.

What is the Reseller Center?

The Reseller Center is a management dashboard for all your reseller accounts. This is where you can add, remove, and manage reseller privileges in the server. You can find this section by heading to Resellers > Reseller Center.

In this dashboard, you're able to do the following:

Add/Remove Reseller Accounts - This feature allows you to modify the status of existing accounts.

  • Add Reseller Privileges - Grant status
  • Remove Reseller Privileges - Remove status

Change Account Ownership/Email Resellers

  • Change Ownership of an Account
  • Email All Resellers
  • Reset Resellers Permissions

Resellers Modifications - This lets you take the following actions on a reseller account:

  • Edit Privileges/Nameservers
  • Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts
  • View Usage/Stats and Manage
  • Manage IP Delegation
  • Manage Main Shared/IP-less IP

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  June 5, 2021