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My Server is Pinging Fine, but my Website is not Loading

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Why Can I Ping My Server But Not Load My Website?

This issue indicates that your server is online and available to the internet, but something is specifically causing the website to fail.  Usually, that results from one of the following three issues:

  • Web server isn’t installed or functional
  • Website software is not functional
  • DNS settings for your website is not correct or unset

What Can I Do When My server Is Responding To Ping, But I Cannot Use?

Option 1: SSH/RDP into server

If the website isn’t working, test if you can still connect over SSH or RDP

If you can connect this way, make sure your web server is running. If so, you may need to diagnose DNS issues with the domain by stepping through the instructions in this article for the type of setup you have.

Option 2: Use VNC built into Cloud Control to connect

If you have a current, cloud-based, VPS and SSH/RDP doesn’t work you might still be able to get into the ‘console’ of the computer through the VNC built into your Cloud Control area. This guide goes over diagnosing SSH issues on a Linux computer using VNC and this one discusses issues with RDP on Windows.

If this works, check the firewall to make sure your IP address hasn’t been added to it. This is somewhat common on WHM/cPanel servers and others with ConfigServ Security & Firewall (CSF) or similar Fail2Ban setups.

Another way to test if it’s just your IP caught in a firewall is to use another IP (e.g. mobile phone on data instead of wifi).

Option 3: Reboot From Cloud Portal

If you have a current, cloud-based, VPS, you will be provided the option of rebooting your server(s) from Client Area > Cloud Portal > Cloud Control

cloud control >> cloud portal Hostwinds location

This will launch another Window with access to your VPSs.  Click on the VPS you wish to reboot.

Hostwinds new VPS location

From here, you will be able to reboot your server.  It is recommended to do a reboot to see if your server operates as it should.

VPS action options location

It is highly recommended to take a snapshot backup if applicable or reach out to our technical support via a ticket beforehand (see option 4 below)

Option 3 for legacy VPS: Reboot From Client Area

Older VPS servers with Hostwinds will not show servers under Cloud Control, or provide similar options, as the newer Cloud VPS servers.  However, you are still provided the opportunity to reboot and/or hard boot your server should you wish.  If you have a “Budget VPS”, “Managed VPS” or “Premium VPS”, navigate to ServicesMy Services:

screenshot of "my services" location

Select the Cloud VPS server you wish to reboot or hard reboot:

services VPS location

Down toward the bottom will be a “boot” option and reboot option.  It is advised, just like the newer VPS’s,  to do a reboot first and see if your server operates as it should prior to attempting a reinstall.

Budget VPS boot and reboot location

It is highly recommended to reach out to our technical support via a ticket before hand and request a backup be taken before you proceed (see option 4 below)

Option 4: Contact Us

If rebooting the server did not work, the next step is opening a technical support ticket for our technicians to review.  At the top of Hostwinds will be “open a ticket“.

open a ticket location

Select Technical Support:

technical support ticket location

Select the product you are unable to use, the issue category, and explain in detail the problem including what you have found, anything you have done to troubleshoot and what you would like the expected outcome to be and submit.  This will open a ticket with our technical support who will respond as quickly as possible.  Responses, when updated, will be sent to the registered email on file with us, and can also always be reviewed and updated from your “My Support Ticket” location (on left).

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