Setting the Correct A Record for Your Domain

How do I set the correct A record for my domain?

You can set your A record by following the steps below in WHM. Please note that the domains nameservers will need to be pointing to the server that is used to complete the steps below.


  1. Login to WHM
  2. Locate DNS Functions
    1. This can be found quickly by using the search bar and searching for DNS
  3. Edit DNS Zone


Show the Edit DNS Zone location in WHM


  1. Select the correct DNS Zone
  2. Click the Edit button


Showing how to select a domain to edit using the DNS Zone Editor in WHM


  1. Go to the bottom where it says Add New Entries…
  2. Choose “A” in the dropdown box
  3. Enter the name you want on the left
  4. Enter the IP on the right
  5. Click Save


Showing the Adding New DNS Entries interface in WHM



Instructions for setting A records at the domains registrar can vary so you’ll need to check with them.


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