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Shared / Business Hosting Backups

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Backups are an important part of your account and can save lots of time and effort if you are experiencing any issues with your account. There are several ways that you can take a backup of your account to ensure restoring it from a backup can be done to resolve any issues you are experiencing.

To ensure your account can be restored at any time you need, having a backup in place is important.

Hostwinds Backups

Hostwinds allows you the ability to order Web Hosting Cloud Backups when ordering your services. This gives you a piece of mind and the security knowing that your data is safe.

This service is available for any Shared or Business web hosting service at Hostwinds to be added during the order process, or by adding it your service as an add on service if you have already ordered your service.

Make sure your data is safe. Our cloud backups services automatically backs up your data every night, and transfers it to a cloud storage drive for you to access at any time.

Monthly Pricing:
Base Price: $3 per month
Monthly Storage Price: $0.03 Per GB
You are provided direct access to your backed up data.

Take Backups Manually

We have made it possible to make taking backups of your account as easy as possible with the Web Hosting Cloud Backups add on service.

It is important to frequently take backups of your account if you do not have this service by using FTP to download your files and PHPMyAdmin to export any databases. In case you need to restore a file or your entire account from a backup, you can do so any time if you have a clean backup stored on your computer.

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