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SHOUTcast Live Statistics Overview

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Along with the Graphical Statistics page in your SHOUTcast control panel. The Live Statistics page can also provide some insight into how many listeners you are getting on your station. The Live Statistics page shows a basic overview of what is happening right now on your station. This guide will show you how to locate that page, and the types of information that can be found and used on that page.

Where To Find The Live Statistics Page

These steps assume that you have a SHOUTcast server hosted with Hostwinds, or on a server with WHMSonic installed.

  1. Log into your SHOUTcast Control Panel.
  2. Once logged in, you will want to navigate on the left Sidebar to find the Online Stream & Listeners Status. This should be located within the Account Functions section.
    SHOUTcast Live Statistics Button Location, Online Stream & Listener Status
  3. Clicking on that link will take you to the Live Statistics page where you can view how many listeners you have and basic information about your server at that moment.

What Do The Live Statistics Mean?

At first glance it may not look like a lot to offer, however the Live Statistics can be very useful. Especially if used in conjunction with the Graphical Statistics page. This Live Statistics page is organized into 2 sections. There is the upper section that describes some basic information, such as how many Listeners are currently listening to your station. Then there is the bottom section that shows the last 20 songs to have been played on your station. Here is what this page may look like for you;

SHOUTcast Live Statistics Page Overview

  • Now Playing – This will display the current song or file that is playing on the SHOUTcast station. Since this area will update every 5 seconds, it is accurate to what is being sent to your Listeners.
  • Online Listeners – This will show you how many listeners you currently have Listening into your station, as well as the maximum that you can have. The maximum can be increased by upgrading your SHOUTcast plan.
  • Stream Bitrate – The is the amount of bits that are being transferred to your listeners. This can also be though of as the network speed. Usually the lower this value is, the increased chance there will be of buffering with your Listeners. This can also be increased by upgrading your SHOUTcast plan.
  • Stream Type – This will display the current type of your stream. For example, in the image above it shows AutoDJ Stream. This means that there is currently an AutoDJ streaming on the station for your listeners.
  • Song History – This is a useful section, especially when looked at with daily chart on the Graphical Statistics page. Here you can see when your listeners are starting to leave and join your station. It will show up to 20 of the last played songs or audio files on your station.

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