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Virtualization on Hostwinds Servers (Dedicated)

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There are many different use cases and tools for running virtual machines within a host server. Common virtual machine host software such as VMware, SolusVM, etc. could be used for configuring and running virtual machines off a host server.

For the servers here at Hostwinds, as a host server, only our dedicated servers would be a viable option. VPS in and of themselves are already Virtual Private Servers, and to run a virtual machine within it would be nested virtualization. In general, nested virtualization is not recommended, and on our VPSs it is not able to be supported.

If you need to be able to create your own virtual machines on a Hostwinds server, that would require a dedicated server. And even then, you would need to make sure the CPU of the dedicated server supports virtualization.

We have a knowledgebase guide available here that covers all the CPU details of the different dedicated server models. Then in the table of the CPU models, there is a link to the manufacturer’s page for that CPU model. From that page, you’ll be able to check that virtualization technologies are available for that model of CPU. An example of this can be seen in the screenshot below:

Intel CPU Model Advanced Technologies

It is important to take note as well that any licensing will need to be in place in order to utilize certain virtualization technologies if it is required. This may be provided to our support team once your server is ready for use by opening a ticket to our support team if you decide that using virtualization technology is something you would like to pursue on your Hostwinds Dedicated Server.

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