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What is an SSL Certificate?

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A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, when installed, encrypts information and transactions to securely transfer it from browser to web server safely. They work by using a cryptographic system where two keys bind to the data, padlocking it. The first key is a private key that only the recipient knows. The second key is a public one that everyone knows. Hostwinds provides you with the option to purchase an SSL from our website at or through > Services > Order New Services > Additional Services.

SSL Certificates bind a domain name, server or hostname with an organization’s name, i.e. company name and location. This creates a unique identity for the specific certificate. These can also be used to show the user who the encryption belongs to, so that it may provide that extra level of trust.

To activate SSL, a company or individual needs to install the certificate on their web server before secure transactions can take place. After the certificate has been installed, the traffic between server and browser will be secure. You can identify SSL secure websites through their domain, HTTP will become HTTPs. The “S” stands for secure.

Are There Different Types Of SSLs That Hostwinds Provides?

There are two different types of SSL Certificates that you are able to purchase from Hostwinds to build trust with your website visitors. 

SSL Certificate

Make sure that all of your data is secure and confidential. We will provide you with an up to 256-bit SSL encryption to keep you and your visitors safe. Our experts will set up your service for no additional charge.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Protect all of your subdomains using our Wildcard certificates. We will provide you with an up to 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your HTTP sites safe.

Can I Buy An SSL Certificates From Hostwinds?

Yes, of course! If using our Shared or Business hosting plans, or an updated version of cPanel on your server, you will have the option to use AutoSSL for your site. AutoSSL provides free Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates to your site so that they appear secure to your visitors. Similar to Let’s Encrypt (which can be installed on Dedicated and VPS plans) the SSL Certificates will renew every three months. If on a hosting plan that does not support AutoSSL, or you would like to purchase one from Hostwinds for use on your site, we offer those as well here. The Certificates offered through Hostwinds are Essential SSLs and are sold on Yearly terms (up to 2 years at a time) and will require you to renew and reconfigure them each year. Our SSL Certificates also offer up to 256 Bit Encryption.

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.

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