Improve your website's security with an SSL certificate.

Every business needs to protect its customers by implementing necessary security measures. We want you to have the best options available in terms of your website's security, so we offer SSL certificates as an add-on service.

Secure your website with a Secure Sockets Layer certificate from Hostwinds. In addition to providing your website with more robust security, SSL certificates improve your website's SEO. Search engines rank websites with an SSL higher than those without one. This alone makes an SSL certificate a genuinely invaluable add-on service.

Frequently Asked Questions about SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates are used to encrypt data your visitors enter into your website. This layer of protection uses https:// rather than http:// and builds trust among your website visitors.

It also represents your website as secure and is ranked higher in search engine results. This ensures that any data sent from your website visitor's web browser to the server remains private. SSL certificates are an essential security feature of any website.

What SSL Certificates does Hostwinds offer?

Hostwinds enables AutoSSL for free on any Shared and Business Web Hosting accounts. We also provide RapidSSL certificates and WildCard SSL through GeoTrust for an additional cost.

Why is it important to have an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates are essential to protect sensitive information sent from your website's visitor's web browser to your site. SSL certificates keep your visitors' sensitive information private through encryption.

Most web browsers will check if the installed SSL is trusted and will show a warning to alert your visitors that your website is protecting sensitive data sent through your site. Using an SSL certificate builds trust for your website's visitors. It assures them their data is secure and encrypted when they visit your site.

With the mass amount of phishing sites and identity theft on the internet, it is vital to show your visitors they are visiting a trusted site and that an SSL certificate is protecting their data.

Will you install my SSL certificate for my website?

Yes, we are more than happy to help you install your SSL certificate purchased from Hostwinds for your website.

I have several subdomains, will these pages be secured as well?

cPanel's (powered by Sectigo) AutoSSL feature can cover 1,000 domains per certificate and is installed free of charge for any Shared and Business Web Hosting account. This feature can also be enabled for any Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server using a cPanel license.

Hostwinds also allows clients to purchase WildCard RapidSSL that will cover unlimited subdomains. Hostwinds SSL certificates cover one domain and are issued within minutes after you place the order. You will need to configure your SSL certificate, confirm the request, and download the zip file sent to your email.

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