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What is Windows Page File and How to Edit it

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When your Windows computer runs low on system memory it can use the page file as an additional memory resource to help load additional files and programs. This additional memory known as page file comes from your hard drive storage and is slower than standard system memory, but will assist your PC with loading until additional system memory has been released by other programs. By default, Windows will allocate an appropriate page file and it is recommended to leave this feature on and at Window’s recommended settings unless you have a specific task that requires changing it.


Edit Windows Page File

If you do have to ever change the Windows page file size you can do so by

Step One: You will right-clicking the start button

Step Two: Then select system from the menu



Step 3: On the left page of the system window click on Advanced system settings



Step 4: Select settings on the performance tab



Step 5: On the performance options window select the Advanced tab

Step 6: Select change on the bottom of the Advanced tab on the Virtual memory section



Step 7: On the Virtual Memory window uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives box and select custom size



Now you can select a custom page file size for your machine.


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